Weight Loss Resistance

Why can’t I lose weight?

Over the past two decades of being a healthcare provider I’ve had the opportunity of working with patients whose primary concern was difficulty losing weight. They would tell me that they were doing everything right, eating a high protein low carbohydrate diet, exercising, going to the gym or doing other forms of training, and then I would hear the following statement: “No matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight.”  Some people actually gained weight regardless of how they were eating or what they were doing.  Their body shut down and wasn’t letting go of any more fat. The truth of the matter is, weight loss is not linear. There are other factors or barriers at play that can halt fat metabolism.  These “barriers” are often overlooked and can play a significant role in weight loss.

Barriers that can impede weight loss

  1. Food sensitivities: Food sensitivities are not allergies. They occur when the digestive system can’t properly break down food. They’re much more common and difficult to diagnose than food allergies. If you’re eating food that you’re sensitive to, it could lead to bloating, stomach discomfort, fatigue and headaches.  Certain foods can trigger your immune system; generating an inflammatory response which can lead to weight gain.
  2. Immune challenges: It’s important to be aware that immune challenges such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites can trigger the immune system in your gut to create havoc in your body.  It’s important to remember that the gut, the immune system, detoxification pathways and hormones are all connected and can impact your metabolism.
  3. Heavy metals:  Mercury is the most commonly encountered heavy metal toxin.  Exposure to mercury can come from various sources such as dental amalgams, environment, fish, household items, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines.  Heavy metal accumulation in the body is stored in body fat.  When metals are present in the body and stored in fat, it will resist letting go of the extra fat for your own protection and can lead to weight loss resistance.
  4. Toxic chemicals: The same principal above applies to toxic chemicals.  Here we have our chemically sensitive individuals who can’t be in a room with others wearing perfume or cologne and get sick from car exhaust.  Our body won’t let go of our fat stores until properly detoxified.
  5. Inflammation:  If you are inflamed you may not even know it.  There is a simple blood test that can tell you if inflammation is lurking in your body and it can be silent or hidden and provide you with no clues whatsoever that you have this underlying issue.  The fact is that if you are inflamed you will never lose the weight you desire.  The key is to get any inflammation under control and then your body will be able to lose wight without much difficulty.

The next step to achieve success

All of the above barriers can be checked by a qualified healthcare provider.  Obviously there is much more to be said about how to deal with some of these barriers.  When you do the proper testing and realize that calories in versus calories out and exercise may not be the only thing you need to focus on, you will have arrived at a better place to achieve success.  


Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net