Our Process, Step By Step.

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Getting Started

Dr. Picard assists patients in receiving the highest quality nutritionally based care in Rhode Island and throughout the country. His simple stepwise method ensures every patient will have control over the cost and quality of the treatment they receive.

The journey to getting you back to feeling great can be accomplished by following a few of our basic steps.

Telephone Interview

A telephone interview is not required but may be a good idea if you are thinking about starting a nutrition program. On the telephone interview, you will speak directly with the doctor for 15-minutes. Here you can ask him a few specific questions about your concerns. The doctor will also ask you specific questions about your health to ascertain your primary concerns, motivation and commitment level. If he determines that he can help you, and you are a good candidate for a nutrition program, he will let you know at this time and you can move forward with the case review.

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Basic Nutrition Consult

The basic consult is our entry level consult. It was designed for those looking for a first or second opinion about their health issues. Here the doctor will review your health concerns and correlate them with a lab test if you have one available. To gain further insight we will have you do a metabolic screening questionnaire as well. You may fax or email this back to us along with a copy of your most recent lab test. The doctor will analyze your labs and questionnaire with your primary health concern in mind and give you a report of findings and guidance on his conclusion. This consult is not a nutrition plan but rather a chance for you to gather advice on what to do and which direction you should be looking towards. This consult is done by phone or via Zoom teleconference and is scheduled for 30-minutes.

Case Review

The case review is our most comprehensive consultation and is designed as a segue to one of our nutritional wellness plans. The case review is for people who have chronic health challenges and is aimed to dig deep into your health history for further clarification of your problem.

1. The discovery phase: This is where the doctor gathers all of your information, testing and health history items. During this process the doctor is working on your case before you arrive for your case review. There is much work to be done prior to your arrival to assure that you are getting the best personalized care.

2. Case Review: Once the discovery phase is completed, the office will call to schedule your case review. Here you will experience a report of findings on your case and an explanation of why your health may be compromised. The doctor will also discuss plans for enhancing your health and the best options to get you feeling better. The case review is approximately 1-hour.

3. Package Plans: At the end of the case review the doctor will direct you towards a nutritional wellness plan that is the best fit for you. If you decide to work with the doctor on your health issue(s), the doctor will design a nutrition protocol based on your case review. All of our protocols are designed with a food first philosophy and may contain specific support products to accelerate your results and support your overall constitution. On the plan delivery the doctor will review each aspect of your nutrition protocol with you so you get a complete understanding of which foods work best for you and how to take nutritional products if they were recommended. The plan delivery is done after the case review and after you have decided on a wellness plan.

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Package Plans

We have a number of programs designed to fit into everyone’s lifestyle and budget. All of our programs are custom to you and are designed with your best interests in mind. Our programs ensure that you will have all the support you need for the duration of your plan. Our programs include multi-level support via e-mail, telephone, teleconference or text. All of our package plans include life coaching, dietary support, nutritional, supplemental and natural medicine support as well as modifiable lifestyle changes. Package plans are encouraged and can be discussed anytime during or after your case review.

Seize this moment and start your journey back to better health and wellness!

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