An Iceburg example

Symptoms and the Underlying Causes of Ailments & Disease

Most patients are only aware of their symptoms. Most doctors prescribe medications to treat symptoms. The reality is it often takes a while before symptoms surface, sometimes years.

Most doctors need to see a high volume of patients due to high overhead and low insurance reimbursement, so they are pressured into shorter face-to-face visit time. According to the journal of American Family Medicine, November 2005, the average office visit duration was 13.3 minutes.

Most doctors simply don’t have the time to fully investigate the underlying cause of the problem and will often prescribe a medication to treat the symptom. Practicing symptom-based medicine only treats the tip of the iceberg and fails to get to the underlying cause or root of the disease.

By looking at the body using a functional medicine approach, we often discover the underlying cause of many symptoms. Rather than just treat symptoms, we can fully understand where they are coming from and treat their underlying cause. This approach is very effective when dealing with chronic pain, fatigue and the degenerative diseases of today such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and numerous autoimmune related diseases.

The common conditions we see