THE CASE REVIEW is the initial step for all new patients. The case review process is designed to save time in the long-term by performing terrain-testing of blood, urine, saliva, stool and evaluation-discussion of your medical history before your treatment.

The case review serves several purposes. It allows for identification of your problem, an estimation of what your treatment plan will entail and how much it will cost. It gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have and it provides an opportunity for you to get to know the doctor to determine if he’s the right person to help you.


TREATMENT PLAN: Your treatment plan is primarily based on diet and nutrition. Supplements may be recommended if necessary. The treatment plan is tailored to focus on your main problem as well as to provide nutrition based therapy for any abnormal lab tests. This is accomplished in conjunction with therapeutic lifestyle changes and nutrition education.


MONITORING AND REASSESSMENT: This is where future appointments are scheduled where we continue to work on your problem until you’re feeling better and all of our goals are met. Here we will discuss your progress as well as any barriers or obstacles that can sometimes get in the way of becoming well again. This is accomplished on an hourly consultation basis.


MAINTENANCE: It goes without saying that any plan is only successful if you have the correct support system. Maintenance visits are offered for support as well as to allow you to be proactive about your health and about the achievements that you’ve accomplished. These visits are semi-annual or quarterly depending on the individual. During this time we discuss your current level of health, your nutrition, any issues that you’re currently incurring as well as proactive strategies to maintain health, vigor and vitality.

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