Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a very precise system of analyzing the body for nutritional deficiencies.  We incorporate a system of acupuncture points and neuro-lymphatic point reflexes to identify underlying health issues.  We test these areas using these pressure point reflexes as well as an indicator muscle to detect underlying nutritional deficiencies and/or specific organ energetic weaknesses.

Using Nutrition Response Testing we can also identify if you have any barriers to healing such as food allergies, immune system challenges, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and/or interference from a scar(s).  These barriers to healing have been identified as one of the reasons why people fail to get well and often end up on a rollercoaster going from sick to well to sick again.  Once we perform the testing we can easily identify if you have any nutritional health issues.  These issues can be sometimes silent (not showing up on blood work).  If a deficiency is found, we design a support program that is specific to you.  Our program design incorporates whole-food nutritional therapy along with nutritional and lifestyle counseling to get you feeling better and back on track with your health as quickly as possible.

Note: This is not a substitute for medical treatment.  We do not diagnosis or treat any medical condition with nutrition response testing.  This is simply an adjunct to what you’re currently doing to allow the body to heal naturally with whole food nutrition.  We will gladly work with your doctor to help you achieve your wellness goals.  

How do I know if Nutrition Response Testing is right for me?

  • If you currently suffer from any health challenges that simply aren’t improving
  • If you’ve had lab work that’s negative and still feel sick
  • If you think that you may have some underlying nutritional issue that you want to get checked
  • If you find yourself going from specialist to specialist with no real answers to your health challenges
  • If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life and are willing to take control of your own healthcare
  • If you’re not afraid of committing to your health
  • If you don’t have the vigor and vitality that you once had

To get started:

Go the new patient tab and click on Forms. Fill out the six nutrition forms prior to your visit. If possible please e-mail or fax them before your appointment.

If you’ve had any lab work done in the past year, please call the lab where you had the test done and have them fax a copy of the test results to our office: Our fax number is 401.944.0080

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