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Weight Loss Secrets

Why Can’t I lose Weight? As you explore this topic online or in the media it’s easy to get confused on the various opinions that are out there.  Even expert sources have their opinions on the best thing to do to help combat this issue.  Follow their advice and you may see some changes in

annual check-up

Annual Check-Up – Useless?

The annual check-up In an article published online January 14, 2013 in JAMA Internal Medicine; researchers evaluated data from more than 182,000 patients and assessed primary outcomes of all-cause mortality and disease-specific mortality.  The researchers found that the annual check-up and general health checks had no significant effect on total mortality even with other factors

Lyme disease

Lyme disease bacteria – Borrelia miyamotoi

Lyme disease bacteria – Borrelia miyamotoi  Lyme disease: Human Borrelia miyamotoi Infection in the United States was released by the New England Journal of Medicine, N Engl J Med 2013; 368:291-293 January 17, 2013DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc1215469 This Lyme disease bacteria is transmitted in the usual fashion via tick/insect/deer and mice. It shares viral-like similarities with classic