Mystery Illnesses from Stealth Infections

“Why do I feel sick when my blood tests are normal?” 

This is a question that’s frequently asked by many patients. 

The truth is most health issues aren’t always apparent with lab testing alone. 

I call these cases “Mystery Illnesses” because patients should feel good when their blood work is normal and sometimes they don’t.  The important point here is there’s usually something hidden that’s causing us to feel sick.  However, until it’s found poor health remains a mystery.

Stealth Infections may be the underlying culprit behind Mystery Illnesses.

Sometimes harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites can exist hidden in your body. 

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That is they inhabit your body without causing acute infection, evade the immune system by changing form, and exist as an intruder in your body.  Chronic infections are responsible for causing degenerative illnesses that make you sick, cause joint pain, and drain your health before your eyes. 

Unfortunately this “not feeling well” is so vague and gradual that it can take years before expression of symptoms begin.  This is because the immune system continually tries to keep things in check but it can only do this for so long before symptoms appear.      

At no time in history has the human immune system had to deal with so many stressors contributing to its demise.

A key factor to a failing immune system is chronic low level inflammation. 

  • Inflammation is involved in chronic illness and leads to oxidative stress.  
  • Inflammation is an immune-related phenomenon. 
  • Infections are known to cause inflammation, trigger your immune system, and may be a contributor to the mystery illnesses as well as various forms of autoimmune disease and other health problems.    

Molecular Mimicry is when the immune system recognizes infection (microbe/eggs) via specific amino acid (AA) sequences.  Sometimes these AA sequences look like the body’s own tissue and the immune system responds by attacking the body’s “look-alike” tissue.  When it does this it creates a perpetual wheel of destruction inside your body causing sickness, pain, and chronic degenerative health issues.    

The goal is to create a body so healthy that no microbe dares express itself and that no toxin will be stored and embedded into your fatty tissue or brain. 

What do you do if you feel sick, your blood tests are normal and you’re unsatisfied with the answers you’re getting from your doctor?

Think outside the box, get a second opinion, and test, don’t guess! 

I recommend a lab panel called “Stealth-6”.

After years of research I’ve put together a blood test that identifies the most common microbial and viral invaders that your other doctors may not be testing for.  These pathogens live and multiply inside of your body and sometimes inside of your blood cells where your own defenses can’t get to them.  They can also compromise the barrier systems of the body which separate us from the environment such as the gut lining, lung and respiratory tissue, skin, and the blood-brain barrier. 

I also recommend Terrain Testing.

Testing your body’s terrain (blood/urine/saliva/stool) is the smart and complete way to assess your health. There is no other way to look at your body in a 360 degree fashion.  Terrain testing is great for patients who want to know the specifics of various imbalances that may exist in their body.  It’s also great for those who are chronically ill and never feel healthy.  These simple tests look at some of the uncommon things that may be contributing to many health-related symptoms. 

For example, there’s a lot to be said about looking at the waste products your body produces (urine and stool).  Sometimes looking at these indirect waste products it can give us important clues to identifying health conditions that may not be apparent on a blood test.     

The good news is there’s always help and there are several options available to investigate your particular problem.  There’s no need to live life feeling as if your body is breaking down and  is unhealthy.  It’s time to get to the root of your problem and live again. 

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